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Welcome to Armorgiant, home to one of the largest collections of medieval armor, helmets, shields, Renaissance clothing, and much more. Looking for Roman Lorica Segmentata armor, knight armor, or medieval shields? We have it all.

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We are unique customer and collector-specific manufacturer of handmade antique German History, Roman History, Medieval History, Greek History, Viking History and Spartan History articles. We mostly concentrate on providing the best customized handmade products.

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We are specials in armor

We use brass, iron, leather, wood of the highest quality, sourced from the trusted suppliers in Indian cities. Our clothing collection is focused primarily on antique armors, helmets, gambeson, etc. We strive to provide customers with the most affordable and best quality.

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Our History

About 3 years ago, We began this company.

About 3 years ago, We began this company. We have an in-house producer and designer who works hard to make exclusive pieces of handmade products. Our focus is on customer loyalty and We also provide customization according to the customer preferences.

From beginning to completion, We aspire to achieve and deliver mastery in every aspect of the design process and continue to offer unique and exquisite handmade vintage pieces of the highest caliber to clients around the world.

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